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Week 29

skin graft , artery, and vein extraction from armFrom Week 3 Tracheotomy holeYou can still see some of the radiation scarring, but it's nothing heavy make-up can't take care of.
armFrom week 3. armThe color has gotten much better. I still bandage the arm when I go out for dinner so I don't gross out anyone.


Radiation Therapy

radiation therapyA month later, the redness has gotten better. There's some splotchy areas closer to my ears that look more like my normal skin color. The swelling has decreased a little more, and it's not as itchy. But I'm still slathering it with Biafin and that stuff my mother brought back from China. (12/20/2004).  
radiation therapyThis is what a neck looks like after 24 radiation treatments. It feels about as bad as it looks. I haven't been scratching it as much because I'm slathering so much aloe vera gel on it.The swelling isn't as bad as it looks (11/18/2004).  



Week 1

Open WideThe squamous cell carcinoma was on the left side of my tongue, which was sliced off and replaced with tissue on my left wrist. Tracheotomy hole and lymph node extraction scarThey performed a tracheotomy so I could breath more easily due to the swelling in my neck and throat. The J-shaped scar is from extracting the lymp nodes in the surrounding area as a precaution
skin graft , artery, and vein extraction from armThis is where they took out some replacement tissue, as well as an artery and a vein. it's really quite amusingIt really doesn't hurt that much. It's more like a nuisance now because of the stiffness and limited range of motion. The photo shoot was wierdly fun.

Photos courtesy of Agnieszka Lapczynska


Week 2

Where the baby elephants cry.The trache hole is healing up really well, and fast! The smaller it's getting the wierder the sounds are coming out of it. When I lie down or sit up, it sounds like a baby elephant is living in my throat..
Left side of neckThe neck isn't looking too bad, either. The scabs are gone, now I'm just rubbing vitamin E baby oil so the scar tissue won't be so tough. Before you know it, it will hardly be noticeable. How about a big round of applause for Dr. McNicoll and Dr. Blackwell!
Leg wound healing nicely,... really.Here's some brand-spankin' new skin on my thigh. The yellow strip in the middle is what's left of the synthetic scab they put on. On the Freddie Krueger scale it's only a 4, compared to the arm, which is still an 11.

Photos courtesy of Sol Rapoport


Week 3

neck scar (front)The scabs on my neck wound are nearly gone, but it still drains sometimes. Tracheotomy holeThe trach hole is finally closed!
skin graft , artery, and vein extraction from armHere's a profile view of the neck scar. There's obviously still some swelling on my neck and face. armThe long scar up my arm is healed. I have about 2 more weeks of healing on the skin graft left. I still get dizzy when I have to change the dressing. But really, it is healing.

Photos courtesy of Agnieszka Lapczynska


Week 7